TV power adapter, 19V 3.42A (65W) , 2.5mm / 5.5mm output plug


TV power adapter, 19V 3.42A (65W) , 2.5mm / 5.5mm output plug

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Manufactuer: Delta Electronics Group, Taiwan.

Model: ADP-65HB BB

Input: AC100-240V (can be used worldwide).

Output: DC 19V, 3.42A, 65W.

Output connector: Standard 2.5mm / 5.5mm DC output connector (inner hole diameter is 2.5mm, barrel diameter is 5.5mm).

Power input cable: Clover Leaf 3-pin power cable (Powe cable is not included, customers can add power cables)

Energy efficiency: Level 5  (V marked).

Warranty period: 2 Years.

Suitable for Laptops:
This adapter is suitable for a TV that request a power adapter rated at 19V 3.42A (or less than 3.42A current)  and with a 2.5mm/5.5mm barrel type output plug. Possible model numbers of TVs are listed below:


Note to customers: Before making purchase, please make sure the compatibility by check the power rating of your TV and power input socket, as manufacturers may vary the design of their product without a notification.


TV Brands Model numbers
Goodmans LD1920, LD1925W.



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